To Spray or Not to Spray?


To Spray or Not to Spray? | April 9, 2021 The Ontario Professional Agri-Contractors Association (OPACA) brought stakeholders to the table for a candid discussion about spray drift.  Deb Campbell, agronomist and owner of Agronomy Advantage near Dundalk, has seen first-hand the results of off-target movement of crop protection products. She has reviewed six insurance claims and has attended several driveshed meetings of angry neighbours. Tensions are high, but she says the industry is keeping it quiet.  There is a lot at stake for agriculture. From an insurance perspective, Mike Brine explained that applicators are at a disadvantage because they [...]

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The Scoop on … Manure!


The Scoop on ... Manure Series | March 20, 2021 It has long been argued that the value of manure, in providing micro-nutrients and organic matter to the soil, is priceless.Manure is more than the sum of its N-P-K parts, isn’t it? It has micro-nutrients and organic matter that are, essentially, priceless. “Fertilizer is great, but it will only get you so far,” says Greg Boon, an independent agronomist with AgriSolve. He works with farmers as both a Nutrient Management Planner and a Certified Crop Advisor, to make the most of their manure sources.“If I’ve got two fields with similar soil [...]

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2020 Reflections


Written by Mark Luymes, OPACA Vice-President | November 30, 2020 There’s something so satisfying about sitting back in late November watching the winter weather roll in, washing and winterizing equipment, knowing the field work is all done. For most of us, the winter is a season for repairs, fabrication and catching up on all the paperwork and meetings we've been putting off for the year. It's also about looking ahead to the next year, researching new equipment, restocking parts - working now to save 5 minutes in peak season when it really counts. The 2020 season started out with some big [...]

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